Friday, April 10, 2009

Are we human...or are we Brandon Flowers?

So my first update on here...

I was not sure about whom or what to blog about. After some short time and a half of a bag of M&M's later I came to the right subject: Mr. Brandon Flowers(of The Killers)

Sounds good, now what? Well how about I add a cute photo of him....great, check. Lets move on to why I enjoy him so.
Other then his bands great tunes and hits, which include "Mr. Brightside" and "Somebody told me" (not to forget my personal favorite "Read My Mind”) he actually seems to be a sweet guy. Doing Research for this blog it seems hes gotten a rep for (and I quote) having "boundless ambition” and not being more modest about his work. Take one look at a video with him giggling or smiling with with fellow band mate Ronnie Vannucci Jr and those thoughts quickly dissipate.
I have to admit past those first catchy tunes that made me take note of the band back in 2003, it was the lead singers handsome good looks and bizarrely amusing hand gestures and stage presence that hooked me into buying. I remember seeing them on SNL and being mesmerized with how good looking he was....and liked that he wore eyeliner. (That affection is another story: Gracias Ewan McGregor!) I would ride to and from the one semester of college I managed to go to, listening to that first CD thinking I was so cool and hip lol.

Thankfully I grew to have a fondness for the records that followed, buying all three studio album and the compilation album “Sawdust” not just for Mr. Flowers looks but the music. What I love about The Killers songs are they can go from upbeat(“Human”) to hauntingly beautiful(Listen to “Everything Will be Alright” off the Hot Fuss album) or empowering (for this silly guy anyway lol) as in “Why do I keep Counting?” and “Bling”
So summing it up: I being a “handsome whore”(my definition for someone who likes things like movies, bands, ect because someone is good looking in it) lead me to a cool band who seems to be only getting better with the years.


  1. Very interesting entry Mr Handsome Hoe ;-) I like The Killers too, he is a handsome guy for sure.

  2. lol you babble more than i do Ryan